How to Create a Full-Function E-store Without Programming Experience- Free for first 100 Subscribers

Welcome, first 100 subscribers!

Here is how to earn your free full-function subscription on Builmaker e-commerce platform, offered only to first 100 subscribers, with only two conditions:

Launch your shop with a trademark or shop name, and

create at least one product/service to sell/rent.

All within two weeks of your subscription date.

Let us begin this step-by-step guide…

Go to subscription page by clicking here

You’ll see a screen as shown below:

Click on ‘Sign Up Now‘ button, as shown below.

You’ll receive a nice green banner stating that ‘BuilMaker Trademark Registration License has been added to your cart’, as shown below:

Note that your shopping cart is now flagged with ‘1’ at the top-right corner of your screen.

Click on ‘View cart ->‘ button at the right side of the green banner.

You may also click on your flagged shopping card. You’ll be transferred to another screen, as shown below:

Now, click on the cyan ‘View cart‘ button.

In either ways, as mentioned in previous steps, you’ll be transferred to the ‘Cart’ page, as shown below:

Insert the free-for-life code blmkr-2017-0pc in ‘Coupon code’ field, and press the cyan ‘Apply coupon’ button to the right of the field. You’ll receive a nice green banner stating ‘Coupon code applied successfully’.

Scroll down, you’ll see the ‘Cart totals’ equals zero including zero taxes, as shown below:

Now, you are pretty sure that the free-for-life code is really activated, and you’ll not be charged at all.

Press on black ‘Proceed to checkout –>’ button.

you’ll be transferred to the checkout page as shown below:

Fill in the fields, the same way you used to do in any other website. You’ll have to fill at least the fields marked with red ‘*’.

You can later change any value inserted in any field, except the ‘Account username’ field. So, don’t make spelling mistakes. Note also that ‘Account username’ is case sensitive. The ‘Account username’ is as shown below:

BuilMaker suggests users to register the ‘Account username’ and logo, to be according to their trademark or their shop name, so that the products sold by your BuilMaker’s shop can gain the same credibility.

Scroll down and continue filling the mandatory fields to the end of the page.

Click on the black ‘Sign Up Now’ button, as shown below:

Congratulations! You are now one of the first 100 subscribers to BuilMaker. You’ll be a free-for-life e-commerce trademark or shop owner.

Wait to receive approval from BuilMaker. Normally, it will not take more than 1 working day.

Immediately after approval, create unlimited number of products, set their prices, issue unlimited number of discount coupons when needed, share your products and coupons ‘to the most famous social sites, set your shipping plans- if any, and enjoy earning revenues.

Have questions or suggestions? Go ask the admin.